This Way “WillStar Media” Is Taking People’s Businesses To The Next Level.

Team WillStar Media With Zeeshan Shaikh

Our vision at WillStar Media is to become the irreplaceable growth catalyst for every business and individuals. WillStar Media is an Influencer marketing company and also provide marketing and video-related services to brands and individuals which started two years back by Mangesh Shinde, Dipak Barkale (Me) And Nayan Tiwari.

Journey Begins

Mangesh Shinde & Dipak Barkale

Three years back when Mangesh and I started content creation on YouTube and Nayan joined us to help in social media growth. Those days were very simple, mangesh was creating content, I used to edit and Nayan was responsible for distributing to it. In the next six months, we achieved the milestone of 1 million on youtube. Everyone was super happy. Brands and agencies also started to reach out for brand sponsorships and collaborations.

In terms of popularity, we were a small creator, because brands were not able to reach out to us and we are also not able to calculate our collaboration price. And that is when mangesh came up with an idea, why not help small creators and brands to communicate with each other by using technology for better results. everyone agreed to this idea and that’s how willstar media was started.

Now, we have connected with over 1300 influencers and content creators plan India as well as working with more than 50 brands from different segments such as fashion, sports, finance, beauty, fantasy, gaming, tech apps, e-learning, etc.

Helping Brands & Startups

We started with Influencer marketing. But as time passed, brands started asking us for more help and we started adding multiple services to the company. In the last two years, we added multiple services like Influencer Marketing, Creator Management, Video Production, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, 2D Animation and Ads Production.

I think as a marketing and creative company, our job is not just to make deals and provide services to brands or creators. It’s our responsibility to help brands and creators at every stage of their growth and help them resolve problems and that’s our vision. Now, we are a team of 30 creative people.

Today, we are happy to serve brands like Coinswitch Kuber, Doubtnuts, Elearnmarket, Kaagaz, Motilal Oswal, My11Circle, Oswal Books, Winzo, Playerzpot, Glance, Magicpin, Hirect, etc.

Closing Thoughts

We are always ready to take on challenges and help brands in their journey. Now, we are mostly focused on helping startups and small creators to collaborate with each other for better ROI in form of revenue as well as brand awareness. And it’s a win-win situation for startups and creators.



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Dipak Barkale

Dipak Barkale

Creator. Traveller. Reader. Co-founder & COO at WillStar Media #StriveForImpact